Amanda Marshall – Canadian Singer/Songwriter is Back in Action


Spring 2024

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After a long hiatus and almost vanishing from the music scene, Canadian singer and songwriter Amanda Marshall is making a triumphant return. Marshall left an indelible mark with songs like Let It RainBirmingham, and Dark Horse becoming instant hits. 

Possessing a warm and soulful voice, Marshall released three studio albums since the start of her career in 1994, with the hit song Birmingham gaining popularity and climbing to the top categories in the Canadian charts, solidifying her presence as a force to be reckoned with.

After a lengthy break, many wonder what she has in store. A firm believer in the power of endurance and patience, Marshall’s favourite motto is allegedly from Miles Davis, who said, “It takes years to learn how to play like yourself.” Like any creative skill, Marshall’s passion for music is perfected like aging wine.

It has been over a decade since she released an album, but this year marks a new beginning as she prepares to unleash her album Heavy Lifting along with a Canada-wide tour that lasts until the end of summer. 

Her country-wide tour kicks off on June 11 in Moncton, BC, with performances in several provinces, including stops at Toronto’s Massey Hall and Ottawa’s National Arts Centre. 

Passionate about Music

Marshall’s passion for music started at an early age; when she was six, she walked into a recording studio along with classmates to record commercial jingles. Growing up in Toronto, she was exposed to all kinds of music, from Dionne Warwick to Barbra Streisand and The Pointer Sisters.

When she turned 16, Marshall crossed paths with Canadian singer and rock musician Jeff Healey. Healey strongly impacted her music career, encouraging her to sing and play music professionally. Marshall started doing small gigs in Toronto bars before her renowned self-titled debut song Black Velvet hit the stores. It became an instant sensation ushering Marshall as a vocally confident and soulful young artist. 

Marshall says recording her first album was a substantial learning experience. The album scored among the top 10 singles in the Canadian charts and received a Diamond certification status, with over a million copies sold. 

Marshall’s success wasn’t limited to Canada; she also sold records and performed internationally. In the US, Americans applauded Marshall’s efforts as a rising star. After appearing on the Rosie O’ Donell show in 1997, she gained recognition, with pop icons like Elton John lauding her among the world’s brightest rising stars. Marshall’s albums gradually began selling in the US, with her profile further enhanced by the inclusion of one of her songs, This Could Take All Night, on the soundtrack for the Kevin Costner film Tin Cup.

Heavy Lifting

This summer, Marshall returns with a tour du force that marks the release of an album and a series of nationwide performances. Heavy Lifting is her long-awaited album after her 2001 multi-platinum album Everybody’s Got a Story.

Preparing for this album involved a lot of hard work. Marshall reminisced about how she came up with it by explaining in a statement that she initially started writing and recording for fun. She says she woke up in the middle of the night and pounded on the piano, grooving and singing in her pajamas sometimes. 

Even though the process was enjoyable, it was also daunting. In one of her interviews, Marshall says, “I screamed and laughed and cried and made a million mistakes because who cares?” No one’s ever gonna hear this. Wrong. I made a record.”

Marshall is extremely excited about Heavy Lifting; it encompasses a collection of songs she is proud to call her own. Initially, the collection of songs was supposed to be released in 2020 in celebration of her Diamond certified self-titled album, but COVID dampened her plans.

With the pandemic mostly over, Marshall’s new album includes 11 new songs with a unique and compelling voice showcasing her sharp skills as ever before. In March, Marshall released a single from her upcoming album entitled I hope she cheats featuring intense lyrics about getting over a breakup.

Swept by the momentum of the new debut album, Marshall is as eager as ever to leave behind two decades of ordinary life for a powerful return to music.

David Messiha | Staff Writer 

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