Rose Ho

The Luxury It Bags of 2021

Bags are an everyday necessity for most women and plenty of men. They are, of course, also statements of fashion and/or practicality, depending on their

Being Thankful, Even When It’s Hard

After nearly two years of a global pandemic, just about everyone has faced more than their fair share of discouragements, challenges, and hardships. Whether it

Red Barrinuevo

Red Barrinuevo, principal designer of Redesign4More and property stylist on HGTV Canada’s Hot Market, is one of Toronto’s most sought-after home stagers and interior decorators.

Alexandria MacFarlane

Twenty-something and brimming with entrepreneurial energy and inspiration, Alexandria MacFarlane has made waves in the packed world of skincare and wellness in only two short

Adding Gua Sha to Your Self-Care Regimen

Adding Gua Sha to Your Self-Care Regimen

Inspired by traditional Chinese healing therapies, gua sha or “jade scraping” is now a trendy wellness practice that touts multiple benefits for health and beauty.

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