6 Most Talked About Beauty Gadgets of 2022


Summer 2024

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Tech has infiltrated the beauty sphere beyond proprietary ingredients and chemicals. Now, there are gadgets galore in the marketplace. Try some of the most-hyped-by-beauty experts gadgets from the past year, to bring your beauty game to the next level.

LED Masks from geebeauty.ca

A person holding a light up mask

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These sci-fi looking masks use different frequencies of light to promote myriad benefits to the skin. Blue light targets acne causing bacteria while red light improves tone and texture. Light therapy safely complements your skincare routine (just be careful with light-sensitive products like retinol.) Popular brands are Dr. Dennis Gross, The Light Salon, and Omnilux.

Mini Fridges from facetory.com

A pink mini fridge with a door open

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It’s just common sense: keeping your expensive and potent creams, toners, and essences cool and dry (i.e. not the medicine cabinet next to your steamy shower) will help extend their shelf life. Having a dedicated mini fridge in the bathroom for skincare is a surprisingly affordable splurge and applying cooled down eye creams and sheet masks will actually help reduce puffiness and boost effectiveness.

Facial Steamers from panasonic.com

For the ultimate spa-at-home experience, a gentle steamer machine is a must-have. When used regularly (at least once a week for a few minutes), skin is softened and pores are opened, which makes it easier to deep clean the complexion and then plump up with hydrating and nourishing creams. Panasonic makes one of the most popular models on the market.

Cooling Rollers from amazon.ca

Gua sha tools and other face massagers are commonly used to reduce puffiness and tone the skin but putting them in the (mini) fridge beforehand helps to add some cryotherapy to the mix. There are specially designed rollers with metal cylinders or fluid-filled globes that glide over the skin. The cold causes blood vessels to shrink and can also help with the absorption of skincare products.

Fine Hair Removers from amazon.ca

Specially made, spring-like tools and dermaplaning help to gently remove the fine peach fuzz on the face and body. They are less aggressive to the skin than typical epilators or razors but more affordable than laser surgery, which can only target dark hairs. After removing the hair, skin becomes a beautifully smooth canvas for makeup application and moisturizers absorb more effortlessly.

Microneedles from amazon.ca

Not for the faint of heart, a micro needling device looks a lot like an old-school, Velcro hair roller. It is meant to pierce the skin with tiny pinpricks to stimulate the healing process to look younger. When used correctly (i.e. in a sterilized manner), the skin is prompted to produce more collagen and skincare products sink in more readily.

Rose Ho | Contributing Writer

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