Using a Matchmaker to Find Love

We’re still learning how the COVID-19 pandemic forever changed our lives, but one of the most direct impacts of the pandemic is its effect on

Is Online Dating a Blessing or a Threat?

Before the internet age, people relied on matchmakers to meet potential marriage mates. In countries like India, matchmaking is a rite of passage. TV shows

Setting Boundaries in Relationships

You might find relationships hard to navigate, but they get a bit easier when you incorporate boundaries into them. Boundaries are your key to staying

The Truth About Puppy-Love Relationships

You may have heard the term puppy-love before, especially in reference to teenagers’ relationships. Generally speaking, puppy-love is simply a crush that is mostly based

How To Break the Ice and Meet New People

The pandemic increased loneliness on an unprecedented scale. It had lasting implications on people’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. As we emerge from the pandemic, now is

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