7 Emerging Eco-friendly Activewear Brands to Discover 


Summer 2024

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Environmental sustainability is an issue of growing concern in our world. Renowned fashion brands are interested in recycled and alternative fabrics as the next cool materials people want to purchase to save the environment.

Sportswear brands are taking unusual materials like mushrooms, oranges, and proteins inspired by spider-web DNA to make outfits. Many renowned designers have figured out ways to make leather without cows, silk without worms, and fur without animals by using fabrics from recycled waste. 

If you plan to hit the gym or are looking for a relaxed, casual sustainable summer outfit, consider a few eco-friendly brands you simply need to know about.

Girlfriend Collective

Featuring a wide range of activewear sets in various sizes and colours. Girlfriend Collective is renowned for its squat-proof supportive, sustainable leggings made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. Each piece of garment you purchase from their collection comes with its own sustainability report showing how many water bottles were diverted from landfills, how many pounds of CO2 were prevented, and how much wastewater was used. Their extensive breakdown outlines the chemical process of transforming water bottles to create recycled yarn, so you can make an informed choice on each piece you purchase.

Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Clothing prides itself on positively impacting the environment; that’s why its founder David Gordon founded a sustainable clothing brand inspired by bamboo. As a naturally eco-friendly material, bamboo absorbs more carbon than regular trees. It requires less land to grow to produce the same amount of fiber without irrigation or pesticides. With a vast collection of men’s and women’s outfits that include everything from shorts to socks, soft leggings, vests, and jackets, the company aims to reduce the carbon footprint and conserve the earth’s natural resources to protect biodiversity and eliminate pollution. 


The brainchild of founder and entrepreneur Grace Beverley, TALA’s mission is to create accessible and inclusive activewear outfits without sacrificing performance or fit. With a variety of outfits, including jumpsuits, leggings, swimwear, bras, tracksuits, and tops, TALA uses recycled plastic bottles and factory offcuts in all its materials and packaging. Its product labels are also recycled and can be planted or composted to save the planet. 

Stella McCartney

Ever committed to sustainability, the British fashion designer includes recycled materials in many of her collections. The designer has also produced outfits made with spider-inspired silk. The designer uses performance recycled materials made with Parley Ocean Plastic and PrimeGreen recycled polyester from both post-industrial and post-consumer waste. Featuring a wide collection of sustainable dresses and outfits, including sportswear tops, cycling shorts, and sneakers, McCartney is committed to producing eco-friendly clothes that reduce the environmental carbon footprint. 

Boody Active

Based in Sydney, Australia, the brand is known for its certified organic bamboo-inspired fabrics. Bamboo fabrics are a naturally silky-soft and thermo-regulating material, which are ideal for staying cool in the summer and warm in winter. The bamboo fibres are particularly ideal and helpful for activewear outfits because they contain micro gaps that provide ventilation and moisture absorption to keep you dry during a workout. All the bamboo used by the brand is organically grown without pesticides and fertilizers. With a unique collection of men’s and women’s clothes, the UK-based brand ships to several countries worldwide, including the United States and Canada. 

P.E. Nation

With an ever-growing commitment to sustainable sportswear, P.E. Nation uses 100 per cent organic cotton in all its outfits, including tanks and tees. Since its launch in 2016, the brand’s street meets sportswear collections have expanded to include elevated everyday sustainable outfits, nostalgic 90s streetwear menswear, and a variety of go-to basic range accessories. The brand’s eco-efforts ensure the creation of creative, sustainable activewear that reduces the environmental impact and is designed to last. The brand uses fully recyclable material and packaging down to its envelopes and satchels. 

Whale of Time

The British brand, established in 2016, has a variety of timeless quality casual wear for people who love the great outdoors. The brand has a strict no-plastic policy founded with the ethos of sustainably reducing waste. Each garment is ethically and consciously crafted. If a piece of fabric is left over, it is made into another piece of clothing. The brand carries an activewear collection of leggings, sports bras, vests, and other eco-friendly outfits offering UV protection. All the brand’s activewear sports collection is manufactured with sweat-wicking, quick-drying material made of 78 per cent recycled polyester and 22 per cent elastic. 

Aaron Levinson | Staff Writer 

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