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Spring 2024

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You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to shoes and boots. Considering the infinite options, you may not even know where to start looking, especially if you’re eager to follow the latest season’s trends. We’re here to help at Elixuer. We’ve examined the choices, particularly the ones that are trending on the fashion runways right now and will be hitting your stores come fall 2023. Here’s a list of what’s popular in shoes and boots. 

Ballet Flats

It’s hard to believe this classic little slip-on shoe could ever go out of style, and it seems they’ll still be around this fall 2023. The strapless, square-toed flats are as easy to put on as they are comfortable. There’s generally no way to go wrong with a ballet flat. They fit with any look, from ripped jeans to formal wear. Generally embellished, but you can find them plain too. 

Mary Janes

Mary Jane has that old-school girly look. The style manages to be formal and casual at the same time, aiding to its popularity. The style was once reserved for uniformed schoolgirls, but now adult women can be seen walking these into workplaces or rocking these with streetwear looks. They’re characterized by square toe boxes, thick soles and wide heels, and long throats intersected by one strap. Think ballet flats meets loafers.


Sneakers are another style that never seems to disappear; however, they used to be considered out of place unless you were exercising and playing a sport. There’s been a move over time to bring these bad boys to everyday wear. Now you’re more likely to see sneakers matched with more luxurious street fashion. Hey, they’re comfortable. We can’t blame anyone for wanting to sport them everywhere they go.

Cowboy Boots

If you’re a fan of the Wild West or country music, you know all about cowboy boots. There was a time when they were reserved for a niche demographic, but it seems they’re going mainstream in 2023. Be prepared to see cowboy boots in the wild of the suburbs and cities. You’ll recognize them by their rounded toplines, chunky heels, and awe-inspiring debossed prints. They go great with jeans and skirts.

The Platform Heel

One version of the platform style takes the razor-thin stiletto heel and adds volume to it, creating a high heel shoe with far more stability. Platform shoes are easier on your feet, yet they keep the charm of the iconic stiletto. Another manifestation of the platform has the volume evenly distributed across the sole. You get extra inches in height without having to balance on steep heels.


A wedge gives you the added height and curve of stilettos, but walking in them is a thousand times easier. Wedge style shoes curve upward after the toe like standard high heels—then instead of leaving the space under the middle section of the sole empty, the wedge heel comes in to fill the entire scope of the sole. In wedge shoes, you’d still walk on your toes, but you’d be perfectly balanced by slabs holding up the bulk of your feet. These shoes are perfect for women who want to wear heels, but fear they wouldn’t be able to walk in them. It’s no wonder they’ll be a hot ticket item this fall.

Angled Kitten Heels

If you want the sharp, towering heels of a stiletto, but you don’t want to accidently collapse to your knees, then kitten heels are your friend. These are the tiny versions of stilettos. Still sharp enough to puncture, but half the size. For an extra trendy look, keep an eye out for kitten heels that bend toward the toes. Angled kitten heel shoes have been making their way around the runway lately.

Buckles, Bows, and Ornaments

Little front-facing bows are typical on ballet flats, but they’re becoming a must this fashion season, and not only on ballet flats. Also, the bigger, the better. Giant bows are popping up everywhere on the front of shoes, along with flower ornaments. Boots—especially combat boots—with dramatic, hard-to-miss buckles are hot for the fall 2023 season as well.  


Buckles aren’t the only metallic flair appearing on the fall runways. A lot of fully metallic shoes have been making the rounds. We’re talking any colour with an added sheen. Metallic may seem a tad bold, but it can add a major spark to your outfits. Silver and gold, in particular, are safe bets. They go with anything.

Jacob Carmichael | Staff Writer

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